Vienna Hofburg Fair for Art and Antiques

6th-14th November 2010

Vienna Hofburg Fair for Art and Antiques

A Mass in the Hofburg - the former imperial residence - in the old capital of Vienna obliged. Vienna is also today an important position in the center of Europe and attracts an international audience. Is well worth a visit at the booth of Patrick Kovacs in the Viennese art and antiques fair anyway. Furniture and craft shop at the highest level one to admire and buy. This time, a sheet stretched, enabling the development of the Vienna cabinet after 1900 even more understandable.

After a first presentation in its own gallery space now holds the Ring road again at the Vienna Exhibition foot. As part of the equipment of the new palace of the Viennese bourgeoisie emerged in the 3rd Third of the 19 Century furnishings of exceptional quality. The confrontation with the past and lost techniques had a significant impact on the arts and crafts production after 1900. Rarely addressed so far was also the impetus provided by English furniture just before the turn of the century. In connection with the Arts and Crafts movement entwicklelte resulted in the "Secession".

Through the establishment of the Vienna Workshop 1903 was a further stylistic formation, which gave the Viennese Art Nouveau Vienna mint its own. Presented at the exhibition areas therefore reflect again an essential part of Vienna's cultural history.