Exhibition of Art and Antiques Hofburg Vienna

6. - 14 Nov. 2010

Exhibition of Art and Antiques Vienna Hofburg ...

The armchair no. 717 / F seems straight from the Paris Exposition in 1900, came to the state by Patrick Kovacs to Vienna to be. There, the company Jacob & Josef Kohn was the furniture and room designs of the young architect Gustav seal the "Grand Prix win. This chair with original leather shows the turning point of the industrial product to Bugholzindustrie artistically designed furniture. The writer and critic Ludwig Hevesi characterized 1901 Hoffmann-pupil said: "Gustav Siegel, the man of wood is bent. A glass vase highlights the importance of the architect Josef Hoffmann: as an order of the Viennese glass publisher E. Bakalowits these iridescent vase was created with three handles in the Bohemian glassworks by Joh Loetz widow. Hoffman's modern designs influenced all areas of arts and crafts. In addition to furniture and handicrafts from Vienna around 1900, collectors will also appreciate the small, delicate objects, which are known from the catalog of workshops Hagenauer of 1928, you can choose between the ash-killer, mirrors and fish platter.

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